When you book an acupuncture treatment, the clinic will not share any hard and fast rules for proper acupuncture treatment. However, there are a few basic “things to do” that you should follow before walking into the clinic for treatment. It is necessary that your mind and body remain calm and composed before an acupuncture treatment. This ensures that the outcome of the treatment will be positive. If you’re uncertain about the things that you should do and things you should avoid before the acupuncture treatment, then feel free to ask the same to a renowned acupuncture clinic in Sutton Coldfield.

Here are a few things you must remember if you’re going for an acupuncture treatment for the first time.

What should you do before a first-time acupuncture treatment?

Avoid strenuous activities

Avoid strenuous activities like gymming, weight lifting and don’t take any stress before your appointment has been scheduled. Reach ahead of time so that you’re not in a hurry. Acupuncture is a treatment where the mind and body need to stay relaxed. So, do not take stress before the treatment.

Wear comfortable clothing

Make sure you wear loose-fitted, cotton comfies to the appointment. After the treatment, you might experience sweating or mild body aches. Designer clothes will cling to your body, making you uncomfortable. Moreover, avoid wearing tight-fitted garments as this might hamper blood circulation within the body.

Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water before the appointment; staying hydrated can help your body release toxins during acupuncture. The treatment works faster and rejuvenates the body readily.

Avoid caffeine

Consuming coffee or tea before the treatment can stimulate the nerves and adversely affect the outcome of the acupuncture process.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Make sure that you don’t drink alcohol as this might cause negative reactions within the body during the acupuncture treatment. Also, start reducing the consumption of alcohol from the past few days as well.

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