Occurrence of concussions while playing on the field is a common concern for every athlete. Since most concussions can be risky for the brain, avoiding the same is of utmost importance. While your skull skillfully protects the brain, on the contrary, due to a sudden fall or a traumatic injury, the tissues of the blood vessels and nerves surrounding the brain might get affected. The brain might stop working temporarily in such a situation, resulting in a concussion. 

During Sporting activities, the occurrence of such injuries is common and unavoidable. Sometimes the individual might not face any consequences immediately. They might start facing symptoms like dizziness, nausea,  headaches and coordination problems gradually if the nerve of the brain’s tissue has been damaged. With the help of proper medical care and professional sports therapy in Sutton Coldfield, you can get cured timely. To reduce the instances of such concussions,  different precautions are being implemented by the sports authorities.

Modes of concussion risks prevention in sports

Primary prevention strategies

To avoid such head injuries, every player is provided with protective gear whenever they enter a field. Moreover, players engaged in Soccer,  hockey,  cricket,  baseball, and basketball are taught proper techniques to avoid head collisions, neck strengthening exercises, and are aware of the probable risks of sudden falls. Concussions Can be successfully avoided if the players are taught good tackling techniques at a very young age. Moreover, the presence of a coach in the field whenever a Sporting activity is taking place is necessary to monitor the instances of concussion occurrence.

Secondary prevention strategies

The secondary phase of the prevention strategy includes the removal of the player from the field who has already been injured once. To prevent the damage from occurring, early diagnosis and prevention of the concussion are necessary. If the medical practitioner is sure that everything is ok, the athlete will be allowed to resume activities as the risk of concussion decreases.

Tertiary prevention strategies

For long term damages, complete medical treatment and physiotherapy are required for reviving the athlete from the situation. Thus during the tertiary prevention strategies, the help of professional medical practitioners and physiotherapists are required to cure the athlete completely. If the mental condition of the athlete doesn’t go back to normal, then sufficient CT scans are tested and performed to understand the situation of the damage. This is a prolonged process, and the cure might take long enough to be implemented.

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