There are different massage techniques used in other countries. The primary difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage lies with the person who is giving you the massage. This may sound weird, but it’s true. The amount of pressure the therapist is applying makes the difference. However, the debate on which one is better is unending! It merely depends on the personal preference of the individual.

If you’re planning for a deep tissue massage in Sutton Coldfield, then it’s an idea to check out the fundamental differences before deciding on the type you want to avail.

Differences between deep tissue and Swedish massage

Nature of both massage

For those looking for a relaxing and soothing muscle-rejuvenating massage, Swedish is the best choice. But with deep tissue, a little more pressure is applied to the nerve endings. Swedish massage will not relieve you of any muscle pain. But deep tissue will ease the muscle knots.

Benefits of both massage

Swedish massage is beneficial for nurturing the skin, relaxing the nervous system and reduces any emotional tension. On the other hand, deep tissue massage acts as a treatment. If you’ve any muscle cramps or nervous tension, then deep tissue will work wonders immediately.

Use of both massage

Athletes and sportspersons generally prefer deep tissue massage. They suffer from chronic muscle injuries, and hence this is an easy treatment to get rid of the pain. Anyone who is looking for some relief from tension can take a session of a Swedish massage.

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