Undergoing surgery is always an overwhelming experience, irrespective of how complicated the issue is. If you want to recover faster after the surgery, you have to follow some pre and post-operative rehabilitation tips. Physio in Action has carved a niche in the industry by helping hundreds of people recover quickly after surgery with proper post-operative rehabilitation. If you have any difficulty attending the clinic for your appointment, let them know, and they will provide assessments and treatments in the comfort of your home. Their physiotherapists will also share some simple guidelines for optimal rehabilitation.

Importance Of Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

An easy way you can promote a better outcome after surgery is with pre-operative rehabilitation. Your physiotherapist will understand your health issues and physical needs before crafting a suitable pre-operative rehabilitation program. The objective is to mentally prepare you for the surgery while at the same time, reduce the chances of inflammation and pain.

You will have better muscular control over the injured area and restore your motion quickly. Suitable activities will also help in normalising your movement before the surgery. Once there is an improvement in your fitness and overall well-being, you will get a more robust platform to recover. Generally, the pre-operative rehabilitation program customised by physiotherapists focuses on the type of surgery you are undergoing.

Importance Of Post-Operative Rehabilitation

This program is specially designed to ease the recovery process after undergoing surgery. Visiting a physiotherapist for post-operative rehabilitation almost becomes mandatory after undergoing operations on the hip, hand, knee, foot, wrist, spine, ankle, neck and shoulder. The duration of the physical therapy can range from few hours to few days after the surgery. How quickly you can regain your strength and motion after the surgery depends on how well the physical therapy program has been designed.

Why Choose Physio In Action For Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

The physiotherapists at Physio in Action are specially trained to help people undergoing surgery regain their strength and range of motion. The customised program also helps in preventing any re-injury during the recovery process. They will set goals to minimise your swelling and pain after an initial evaluation of your condition. It also helps in restoring your normal movement with a focus on flexibility and functioning. The exercise program is customised according to your needs and abilities. The flexibility exercises aim at improving your range of motion so you can feel that you are recovering.