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Exceptional Service that Worked

After attending the Physiotherapist in relation to an acute episode to my back to which I had quite a lengthy time off from work , I was able to go back to work after one session( on a restricted plan) straight away. My back is better than it has been for years due to the quality intervention done and I would recommend their service to other members of my team and to family and friends.


Physio feedback

Kirsty has been a great help given the current circumstances. Very helpful with explaining the exercise and emailing the exercise sheets to me. More than happy to call you via video link too


An overall very worthwhile experience

I have used Physio In Action a number of times over the years and my most recent experience mirrored my previous visits. I find their knowledge of injury assessment, treatment and ongoing advice to be very good . Their use of exercise handout sheets are also very helpful in the rehabilitation phase.


Excellent physio

Kirsty was very thorough and carefully analysed my problem (shoulder and arm)
She improved my mobility and reduced pain, but was very pragmatic and honest about how much physio would help my particular problem.
Excellent physio, I would certainly recommend her


I recommend this business.

Good welcome, clean and well decorated premises and knowledgable staff showing patience and the skill to determine the clients needs and demonstrating to the client exactly how to work with the physio to eventually return the client to as full mobility as possible.


Fantastic physio

Kirsty did my physio treatment after I had been in an accident and she was superb. Excellent advice and a brilliant treatment programme which helped my recovery in no time. Thank you! I would definitely recommend.


I would highly recommend Kirsty

I’ve had 3 appointments with her for shin pain and extreme tightness in my calves. I’m only 48 but walking was becoming very painful. The treatment and advice Kirsty gave has done the trick. I’m now walking pain free getting out and enjoying walking again has also helped my mental wellbeing.
Thanks Kirsty!

I can’t thank her enough

I went to see Rosemary when I had injured my hip and back. I could barely move and was in agonising pain before my first visit, after my very first session I had a drastic improvement. After a few sessions I was completely pain free and fully mobile. I can’t thank her enough and would 100% recommend physio in action.

Thank you Rosemary and your magic hands!

For 2 and 1/2 years since the birth of my daughter, I’d been suffering with pain in my hip, back and pelvis. I’d seen several physios and had seen slight improvements but the discomfort was still there. As soon as Rosemary saw me, she told me I had a twisted pelvis, worked her magic and gave me exercises to do, and the the next day I woke up feeling like a new woman! I have seen her again since and she has helped relieve the pain and discomfort I had, and has helped me actually understand my body and what was causing the pain, giving me not only exercises but the understanding to be able to help heal myself.