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Lauren Creamer

I’ve been in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry for many years, working at leisure centres and teaching sports alongside competing internationally for my country as a swimmer, triathlete and more recently as a track and road cyclist. It was during this time, competing and training as an athlete, where I grew to learn more about Sports Massage, finding how useful and beneficial they were pre/post event and in periods of training as maintenance or recovery.

Even before qualifying in 2019 as a Sports Massage Therapist I often spoke highly of Sports Massage and it’s benefits to friends, family plus teammates and I still do now. The belief that Sports Massage is for all and not just athletes is still there! Sports massage can cater for any form of muscular tightness, pain or discomfort. In turn encouraging recovery, greater ranges of movement and increases in performance whether that be a goal in the gym, a chosen sport or exercising with friends and family.

Working or competing I’ve always had the desire to help others achieve a healthier, happier life both physically and mentally. Listening to your needs and ideals we can work together where through various Sport Massage techniques your aims of improved circulation, posture, mobility, strength, endurance and general wellbeing etc can be reached!

Your Massage appointment.

When you arrive at the clinic we will ask you complete registration form and discuss the reason you have come in for treatment in order to get a better understanding of what the problem may be and what any contributing factors are.
Your Therapist may use a variety of techniques such deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and active/ passive stretching. The pressure can often be quite deep and may cause some discomfort but should never be too painful. Your therapist will also guide you through the treatment however, if at any point there is too much pressure, or you would like them to focus on a different area just let them know and your treatment will be adapted. You may be shown some suitable exercises and stretches at the end of the massage for you to complete in your own time.
For massage involving the lower limb we suggest that you bring some loose shorts with you is that the very top of the thigh can be exposed when working on the upper leg. However, if you know that your treatment will not involve any lower body work then shorts are not necessary.
For women having massage to the upper back a regular bra is ideal as the clasp can be undone by the therapist once you are lying face down if you are wearing a sports bra it may need to be removed. You will always be given privacy to get changed and place yourself face down on the massage table before the treatment begins.

Please Note

Our Full body massages do not include the head, face or abdomen as these fall outside our area of speciality/ code of practice
Our sports massage sessions are for straight forward tissue work and will not include a full examination to the extent that you would get in a physiotherapy session. If you require a diagnosis for an injury, or complaint, exercise plan or have complex presentations, please make an appointment for a physiotherapy Assessment instead.

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