As the name suggests, sports massage is an integrated treatment that can cure different issues with your muscles. These injuries generally happen to physically active people. Sports massage generally manipulates the softer tissues of the power. You may experience injuries if you go to a gym or indulge in physically strenuous activities.

More About Sports Massage and Injuries:

Before getting a sports massage in Sutton Coldfield, it is essential to identify the type of injury. A sports massage session only solves the injuries some of the time. You may have to get entirely cured by regular stretching, strengthening and conditioning.

Which Injuries Can be Treated by Sports Massage?

Here are some joint and muscular pains or issues for which people go for sports massage. A session of massage can relieve you of the discomfort in your tendons, ligaments and other muscles.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: If you play tennis once in a while, you must have faced this issue. It is a painful sensation caused by median nerve compression. You may feel this pain through the thumb and the side of the fingers. With sports massage, you can reduce muscle inflammation and numbness. Experts generally advise four to six sessions of massage to cure CTS completely.
  • Runner’s Knee: It is a simplified term for repetitive strain injuries on knee muscles. The problem is related to ITBS and PFPS. Common causes of this injury include imbalanced feet during running, incorrect footwear and imbalance of powers. A proper treatment involving sports massage and stretching can cure your discomfort.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: This is another muscle pain you may feel on the bottom of your feet. The pain centralises along the heel and the foot arch. You will feel more pain when you start walking or exercising after sleep or rest. This issue is primarily caused when you do not exercise on a proper surface. Sports massaging applies pressure on the heel, fascia and calf muscles. Slow stroking can release the tension and break up the scar tissue on the feet.

As you can see, sports massaging gives you remedies for different muscular issues. You can contact Physio in Action if you want to get it from a trusted clinic. We have an experienced team of experts offering sports massage in Sutton Coldfield. Our massage can let you eliminate muscle tension and live your life comfortably. For more details, you can visit our website today.