Foot and ankle pain, injury, and other infection have become common health issues for people these days. Though some problems disappear within a few days, they often become chronic if left untreated. Seeking adequate medical attention at the right time is necessary to treat the different types of foot and ankle problems. And this is why the demand for experts in podiatry care in Sutton Coldfield has increased over the years. Here in this blog, we will discuss the job of a podiatrist and some of the severe signs when you must consult one.

Who is a Podiatrist?

A doctor who specialises in curing the different problems in the lower legs, feet, and ankles is known as a podiatrist. He also treats the lower limbs, thereby reducing the pain, restoring normal function and speeding up the recovery after an injury or surgery. Also known as podiatry care specialists, they perform surgeries, give prescriptions and even refer patients for different types of physical therapies.

What are the signs showing you require podiatry care?

Following are some of the most common problems or symptoms indicating you need to consult a podiatrist.

Continuous heel pain: A podiatrist can help you find out the specific cause of your heel pain by checking the X-ray reports and other medical examinations.

Pain, swelling, and numbness in one foot: Sudden pain, numbness, and swelling shouldn’t be left untreated, and you must seek necessary medical care to identify the reason behind it and start the treatment process.

Nail fungus: Fungal infection on the toenails is a common health issue. However, the nails might get discoloured and thick if you don’t undergo the proper treatment. And in the worst case, it can even spread to other toenails.

Corns and calluses: These happen when the skin becomes too thick due to thickened areas of dead skin. Podiatrists can help you remove the thickened skin and prescribe the needful medication for alleviating the pain.

The final thoughts

With the right podiatry care experts, getting rid of these foot and ankle problems will become more accessible by undergoing the necessary treatments. Physio In Action specialises in offering a range of highly effective foot care treatments. We help our patients cure cracked heels, thickened nails, in-growing toenails, soft tissue mobilisation, removal of corns and hard skin removal, and routine domiciliary treatment. Want to know more about our podiatry treatments?