If you are suffering from skeletal or muscular pain, there is now an upgraded way to cure it. You can try Interferential Therapy (IFT), an electrotherapy for managing all kinds of pain. The treatment can be highly effective in treating chronic, post-traumatic and post-surgical complications.

Important things to Know about Interferential Therapy

IFT is a modern method tried by many physiotherapists. As a patient, you can be sure of getting improved results. The whole therapy is performed through electronic machinery; so you do not have to fear pain or any side effect. In this blog, you will find some vital information about interferential therapy in Sutton Coldfield.

The procedure of the Therapy

To perform interferential therapy, a physiotherapist uses specific electrical machinery. This is useful in delivering continuous stimulation onto the affected tissue. The latest IFT machines can carry a load of 4000 Hz.

Important Factors to Consider

The effect of IFT depends on several important factors. The current frequency plays the most important role in the treatment of problems. A physiotherapist stimulates the current according to the patient’s needs. It is extremely important to measure the intensity of the current waves. The placement of the electrodes is another important factor in this treatment.

Which Symptoms Can IFT Treat?

The nature of electrical stimulation makes IFT suitable for clinical applications. Well known physiotherapists use it for treating different problems, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Stiff Shoulder and Back
  • Different Types of Muscle Injuries
  • Disc Herniation

If you face any of the ailments mentioned above, you are eligible for IFT. The treatment is applicable for anyone aged above 12 years. However, it stimulates certain organs and results in the secretion of body hormones. For this reason, the treatment cannot be applied to pregnant women.

Effect of Interferential Therapy

By trying interferential therapy, you can be assured of relief. The effect of this therapy depends on the knowledge and experience of the physiotherapist. Below, you can find some significant effects of interferential therapy:

  • It is effective in improving the circulatory system by increasing blood flow
  • The therapy can significantly increase the metabolic rate
  • It is effective in relaxing joint movements and improving muscle stimulation
  • Trying interferential therapy can be useful in removing waste substances from the affected area

To get relief from your chronic muscular and skeletal pain, you should consult a reputed clinic. Consult Physio in Action, well known for providing Interferential therapy in Sutton Coldfield. With our help, you can forget about your long-standing pain and move your muscles freely. Contact us to book an appointment.