Arthritis is a joint problem that can affect a person for a long time. Acute symptoms of arthritis reduce muscle activity and flexibility. The options for medication are limited for this problem. Rehabilitation can help to treat the symptoms of this problem.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a prolonged process that can reduce the pain of the affected. The process can help one move their muscle and perform day to day activities. During the first few days of the session, one may feel pricking and inflammation of the joints. The issues will get eliminated with practice and regular sessions.

Treatments Offered in Rehabilitation to Arthritis

In this blog, one can get information about treatments offered by rehabilitation in Sutton Coldfield. The treatments depend upon the lifestyle and the symptoms of the affected person.

  • Conditioning: It is an important process of rehabilitation treatment. It contains various activities that help the body to condition against arthritis. Aerobic conditioning and aquatic exercises are some popular activities in this treatment. The therapists use heated pools for better effect. This treatment is proven to improve the skeletal condition. It can provide some respite to the ongoing problem.
  • Stretching: The joint contractures prevent people from any activity. This problem is conditioned by stretching exercises. It prevents the formation of contractures and strengthens the muscles. The therapists make sure to focus on the joints that are not affected by arthritis. The reduction of the contractures enables people to move their limbs and do various activities.
  • Electrical Simulation: It is a modality treatment popularly used to cure arthritis. The treatment is known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in medical terms. This process is effective in reducing muscle spasms. It also improves hand grip.
  • Orthosis: This is a popular way that can be effective in pain relief. It attempts to improve the deformities caused by arthritis. The treatment has a lot of challenges that should be addressed by a therapist. The structural changes of the joints caused by arthritis can be effectively cured by orthosis. The treatment is broadly divided into two parts: articular and non-articular.

These are some important treatments that are offered by rehabilitation in Sutton Coldfield. In case somebody is suffering from acute pain of arthritis, they should consult a professional. They can come to Physio in Action. They have qualified therapists who can provide help in getting relief from the pain. They are known for providing physiotherapy and acupuncture treatments as well.