Walking barefoot on the sand sounds extremely romantic, especially on the beach. However, there’s medical science working behind the same. Sand has a natural healing power; if you can work barefoot on clear and clean sand, take advantage of the opportunity. There are many benefits associated with the same. If you visit a physiotherapist for foot care in Sutton Coldfield, you’ll surely come across this suggestion. Please keep your eyes open for the pitfalls and the sharp objects and walk freely on the beach as it is good exercise for your feet.

What are the advantages of walking barefoot on the sand?

It helps to reduce foot stress

You might not notice, but your foot is always under pressure and stress that is being released from the body. A 30-minute walk on the beach over the clear and hot sand is a perfect way to release the stress of your legs. Walking barefoot calms the nervous system and helps to make the foot feel comfortable.

It helps to exfoliate the feet

Sand is a natural material that helps in foot massage. Hence a brisk walk through the beach gently massages the barefoot and helps to promote lymphatic circulation. Moreover, it is a natural way to treat dry skin and generate an anti-inflammatory effect.

It helps to strengthen the foot muscles

Walking on the soft sand provides natural resistance to the foot and leg muscles. Hence if you’re suffering from osteoarthritis pain, walking on the sand can be a source of physiotherapy treatment.

It helps to improve proprioception

More than 5000 nerve endings are present at the bottom of the foot. Walking barefoot on the sand keeps the nerve endings alive. These nerve endings are connected with the brain and hence improve the nerves’ proprioception.

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