Ingrown toenails are majorly found on the big toe of the leg. In medical terms, this is known as onychocryptosis. In this condition, the toenail digs into the corner of the big toe’s skin. Sometimes warm compression in lukewarm water is enough to treat the condition. However, as the condition worsens, you might need to approach a specialist for foot care in Sutton Coldfield. Removing the ingrown toenail completely and clearing the place is a good solution as this helps avoid any pain and discomfort.

It is always beneficial to remove the ingrown toenail rather than trying DIY methods at home. For more information, read on.

Types of ingrown toenail removal

The treatment or footcare offered for this type of condition varies depending on the condition of the foot. If you’re dealing with long term and recurring toenail issues, it is best to get rid of the same permanently. Foot care specialists generally perform surgeries to remove the same. Generally, two types of surgeries are performed for the toenail removal process, namely partial nail avulsion and Total nail avulsion.

If the damage is limited within a part of the toenail, then partial removal surgery is done to remove the part of the toenail that damages the skin part of the toenail. On the contrary, if the damage has been caused to the entire toenail, it is better to remove the entire nail so that the problems don’t reoccur.

Benefits of ingrown toenail removal

The major reason behind removing ingrown toenails is to relieve the patient from all types of discomfort and pain. The surgery does not cause much pain. Thus whether the damage is serious or low, getting rid of the ingrown toenails is a feasible option and is suggested by most foot care specialists. Opting for toenail surgery will help you to :

  • Get rid of the permanent pain
  • The condition of the toenail improves with time after the surgery
  • Quick relief from the persisting pain in the toenail
  • It helps to fix the issues permanently
  • Normal looking nail conditions can be achieved soon after the issue has been fixed.
  • High success rate without any side effects ensuring complete relief to the process
  • Simple and quick surgical procedure that is completed within 45 minutes.

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